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Carb Block 60 Tabs from Universal Nutrition

Carb Block 60 Tabs
By Universal Nutrition
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Package Type: 60 Tabs
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Carb Block Description

"Cheat" Without The Guilt!

OK. So maybe you can live without chocolate. But maybe you can't bear to part with lasagna. Maybe piping hot bagels are your weakness. And who can forget about that fluffy stack of strawberry pancakes drenched in pure maple syrup? For those times when you just can't say "No", there's Carb Block by Universal Nutrition.

Now you can eat without the guild thanks to Carb Block. Carb Block is a revolutionary new product that can help block up to 114 grams of carbs and sugars (456 calories) from being absorbed by your body per day. By blocking carbohydrate absorbtion, you don't have to worry about insulin surges following your meals. With Carb Block, you can eat your favorite foods and snacks without undermining your low carb diet.

Carb Block contains a unique formula consisting of seven nutrients, including Phaseolin EX and Gymnemalin. Phaseolin EX interferes with the actions of alpha-amylase, the enzyme responsible for carbohydrate digestion. Gymnemalin has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels following a meal and blunt insulin responses. Two patented ingredients, chromium picolinate and chromium polynicotinate have been included to help you control and regulate insulin.

Insulin is the potent hormone which is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. Insulin controls the hypothalamic satiety center (appestat) and influences serotonin synthesis. In essence, insulin is at the heart of the low carb dieter's dilemma. By controlling insulin, you increase your chances of success dramtically!

Finally, vanadium and alpha-lipoic acid, a hot new ingredient, help your body manage glucose metabolism. Carb Block is more than just a powerful new carb blocker. It is a comprehensive product designed to let you cheat occassionally while sticking with your plan.

For The Low Carb Way of LifeT.

Carb Block Additional Notes

Let's face it, regular dieting is tough. Without a doubt, low carb dieting is even tougher. Now, with our Doctor's CarbRite Diet Carb Block, you can cheat on your low carb diet without all the guilt. Carb Block is an effective product that can actually prevent up to 38 grams of carbs from being absorbed by your body per meal (114 grams per day or 456 calories). When we eat carbs, our pancreas releases alpha-amylase into our intestines. Alpha-amylase is an enzyme which breaks down carbs into smaller constituent parts-dextrins-which are further broken down and absorbed by the body as glucose. Excess glucose, as dieters know, is stored by the body as fat. By preventing this breakdown, you prevent the absorption of these carb calories! As an added bonus, Carb Block also comes with exclusive nutrients designed to maximize insulin and glucose function and help modulate glucose response following meals.

Carb Block Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Magnesium Stearate and Steric Acid.

Carb Block Recommended Use

Take 2 tablets 20-25 minutes prior to your meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Keep out of the reach of children.