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Ephedra 5 90 Caps from Viridis Laboratories

Ephedra 5 90 Caps
By Viridis Laboratories
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Package Type: 90 Caps
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Ephedra 5 Description

If you're one of the millions of Americans who lost weight using Ephedra supplements, you know about the power-packed boost it lends your body when trying to melt away those stubborn pounds. You also know that it's impossible to find a "diet pill" on the market that can replicate the effects of the classic Ephedra-Caffeine supplements of yesteryear.

Now, Viridis Labs is proud to introduce the newest innovation in the fight against unwanted fat - Ephedra 5. Enjoy the smooth energy, the increased metabolism, and the proven weight loss of the only clinically proven, legal Ephedra supplement in the United States.

Each serving of Ephedra 5 contains 100mg of legal Ephedra along with the patented E5 proprietary blend. This unique mix of ingredients synergistically deliver you the energy you need, day after day, along with a significant increase in thermogenesis - the human body's ability to burn fat without exercise. Couple the powerful thermogenetic effects of Ephedra 5 with any sensible diet and workout plan and success is all but guaranteed!

If you're sick of diet failure and bored of lackluster supplements that deliver less energy than a cup of your morning coffee, then Ephedra 5 is for you! Don't wait - get started on the fitter, slimmer you today!

Ephedra 5 Additional Notes

In November 2006, the FDA ban against ephedrine alkaloids in dietary supplements was re-instated. Selling ephedrine alkaloid dietary supplements is illegal and criminal in the U.S. Insurance will not cover product liability claims arising from ephedrine alkaloids.

Ephedra 5 has 100 mg of Ephedra Viridis, which does not contain ephedrine alkaloids, so it is not banned by the FDA or any state. Ephedra Viridis has a very long history of use as a stimulant and for its therapeutic properties, and contains several known neuroactive compounds common to Ephedra species that do contain ephedrine alkaloids. The effects are real.

Ephedra 5 provides the feel of Ephedra and Caffeine in a 100% legal formulation!

Ephedra 5 Ingredients

Other ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and water.

Ephedra 5 Recommended Use

Take one (1) capsule three times per day to match the thermogenesis and fat loss studies. For people sensitive to caffeine, xanthines, or other stimulants, don't take the last dose of Ephedra 5 after 5 p.m., unless you have plans for late into the evening.


Improper use of this product may be hazardous to your health. Do not consume this product if you are nursing, pregnant, or seeking to become pregnant. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.